Life groups form a key part of our discipleship and we invite everyone who attends NLCC to be a part of life group.

Life Groups offer some really helpful opportunities:

  • Being a mid-week spiritual stepping stone
  • Studying God’s word more deeply
  • Having time for conversation and questions
  • Giving pastoral support to one another
  • Praying together for things we care about
  • Making closer friendships
  • Doing the journey of life with people we know

Life Groups run in 6 – 8 weekly sessions with 4 courses throughout the year. These run from in a home settings or at the church. These are small groups that provide an opportunity to grow in faith through the study of the bible.

Starting 16th May, the groups will run for 7 weeks and will journey through ‘The whole of life for Christ’. These 7 sessions explore and help you to live out the marvellous truth, that the gospel is an invitation into whole-life discipleship, into a life following and imitating Jesus. 

Suppose for a moment that Jesus really is interested in every aspect of your life…This isn’t just a nice idea we’ve come up with on our own, a comforting thought to make our daily lives seem more meaningful. It’s threaded right through the Bible. The deeper we dig into God’s word the more we are affirmed in our calling to be disciples of Jesus in every area of our lives. During this course we will explore these 7 sessions, whole-life gospel, wisdom, purpose, fruitfulness, mission, hope and worship.

To help us plan these sessions, please use the link to complete the online survey. For those not online please pick up a questionnaire from the welcome desk, complete and hand to one of our church leaders or post in the box in the foyer