All our life group are online via Zoom. Be a part of our new series ‘Unleashed’.

What can we learn from the ACTS church for today?

Groups run Monday 8pm, Tuesday 7.30pm and Wednesday 2pm via Zoom.

As a church in lockdown and negotiating the current changes due to Covid19, we have been able to receive teaching and worship via online services and times of prayer via Zoom. But the day will come when we as a church will be unleashed, able to worship and join together again.

What lessons have we learnt from lockdown? 
What will church look like going forward? 
What kind of church do we want to be?

So many questions???… In Acts 1  the disciples and early believers were in a similar situation, feeling fearful and hid away and yet as we read on, they were unleashed and  impacted people and their communities.

Is that the kind of church we want to be?

Most importantly we believe IT IS the kind of Church God wants us to be?

Join a group this week and be part of the journey.

Lesson 1