Transforming Work – a distinctive, engaging resource for Christians in the workplace.

Event details

  • Sunday | 11th September 2022
  • 18:00 - 23:59

Your work matters to God.

We don’t often discuss how we can glorify and serve God in our particular industry, role, or workplace. But the Bible is full of stories about people in the workplace: Joseph, Ruth, and Daniel, to name but a few. Entrepreneurs create jobs, writers communicate truth, architects, engineers, and builders provide safety and shelter. Beyond doing good work that benefits others, we can also change the culture and atmosphere of our workplace. We can bless our bosses and co-workers. Working Christians have so many opportunities to show and share God’s love and flourish in their faith.

Transforming Work allows you to gather with other working Christians to explore the biblical view of work and how to practically apply it in your own life. It provides exercises for examining your situation through different frameworks and to discuss with peers how you can make a difference at work. Between gatherings, the app gives ways to reflect, try things out, and pray, leaving time for seeds to grow, discoveries to be made, and for God to do what only he can do.

8 sessions at 6pm, in the church building, on the following Sundays:

• 11th September
• 2nd October
• 6th November
• 4th December
• 5th February 2023
• 5th March 2023
• 7th May 2023
• 4th June 2023