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Loving God, Loving people, Loving Life

Our Vision is to ‘Know Christ and to make Him known’, to reach people of all generations and see them grow in faith. Our aim is to always share the gospel of forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, compassion and love through Jesus Christ.

To help us achieve our vision our mission is to Love God. Love people and love life.

Our mission is to passionately love God and to purposefully love others. We seek to love God with everything we are and have and we seek to love people as God loves people. Life is a precious gift from God and we desire to enjoy the life God has given us to the full.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

  • To love God with all our heart is to love God passionately.
  • To love God with all our soul is to love God devotionally.
  • To love God with all our mind is to love God rationally.
  • To love God with all our strength is to love God practically.

Loving God means having a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. It is our desire to lead people to love God with every part of their lives. Our love of God shows in our commitment to Him, our knowledge of and obedience to His Word, and the use of our time, talents and resources.

The natural result of loving God is loving others in the very same way that we love ourselves.


‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:39-40)

This verse says that we need to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Often the first step is to realise how much God loves us and to learn to love ourselves. We then need to love people the way He loves peopleTherefore We are called to love the unlovely, to care for those who can’t care for themselves, to heal the broken-hearted and to set free the captives. (Matthew 25:31-46.)

Jesus purposefully loved people who were far from God (Luke 19:10), and any command to love others as ourselves has to include those who are lost and separated from God. Therefore, outreach among those who do not know Christ is a key part of purposefully loving people.

The ‘one another’ commands of the New Testament also make it clear that we are to love those who are fellow believers in Christ (Rom 12:9-13). Therefore, purposefully loving people also includes actively helping one another grow and become more like Jesus. We have been called to be people of God who love others enough to help them come to God and have the same hope of eternal life that we have. (John 3:16)


“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) The Christian way of life is the best way of life possible!, Jesus came to give his followers abundant life- full of purpose, potential, completeness,  joy and peace. We know from experience that life can be tough at times but we can know Gods peace and joy in all situations. New life church centre is here to partner with people, offer support through the good and the bad and to focus on the joys of God through it all.

Life is journey, better done together!

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