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Pastor Tom & Lauren Skelton

Tom grew up in Northern Ireland and has come from leading an Elim church in Aberdeen for eight years up to March 2022 and for three years in Herefordshire before that.
He loves showing the amazing difference that discovering faith can make to a person that hasn’t discovered it yet, because God is real. He always hopes to lead people to know God better, and to communicate ancient truth in a way that means something to modern ears!
He is dad to three, Shanon (20), Amy (12) and Ben (10), and husband to one, Lauren (age not supplied?!) We love going out to explore our area and spending time as a family whether it is watching films, dragging the kids around a park, or providing the taxi service that it appears we are here to provide..

Associate Leader Rachel Langley

Rachel has served in the church for past 25 years and was appointed associate Leader in 2018. Rachel manages the church administration as well as being involved in most areas of church ministry. Rachel is Married to Paul and they have two teenage daughters Beth and Liv.

Elder Ken Brooke

Ken has served faithfully as and Elder for many years. As well as a passion to share the word of God, Ken plays bass guitar in the worship band. Now retired Ken enjoys fishing and retreating to his caravan in Malvern.

Youth Leanne Russell

Having been brought up in the church Leanne has always been involved in all areas of church ministry. Leanne currently overseas the running of our weekly baby and toddler group, Limitless Wythall youth group and runs the Sunday youth group. Leanne is married to Alan and they have two children, Lydia and Noah. Leanne is a self employed accountant and is also the church treasurer. 

Technical & Media Alan Russell

Alan joined the church in 1995 and serves in the worship team and is responsible for all technical and media needs. Alan is married to Leanne and works as an IT Systems Development Manager.

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