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1935 – Sunday school started for the local farmers children in the area by Cissily Hufton, daughter of the owner of the building. That Christmas the Children performed at a special arranged Carol Service supported by the local community.

1936 – Gospel Services commenced in the old farm building and the church quickly grew. The building was knocked through joining a cow shed to it and the apple loft became a balcony – and a baptistry was built for the baptising of all new converts. The founder of the church was Mr Frederick Hufton who owned the house next door he was a business man with a factory in Birmingham, he Pastored the church for the next 13 years.

1949 – Albert Bull was asked to Pastor the church of which he did faithfully for the next 36 years.

1985 – Malcolm Bull took over as Pastor of the church after his Father died.

1988 – An extension was built on the side of the church.

2002 – A new church was built alongside and around the old one and opened on Saturday 7th December.

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