Welcome to New Life Church Centre

New Life Church Centre is a church in Wythall, Birmingham. We are made up of people who have a passion for God and a heart for the community and the world in which we live. We are just ordinary people with the same problems, hopes, joys and fears as anyone else. But we have made a terrific discovery.... That the Bible is true, and Jesus Christ is alive. We are an informal church so come just as you are, don’t worry about having to dress right or having it all together. We hope to make it easy for people to come and investigate what faith, spirituality and life means with God. Our website will help you get to know us and discover what we are all about.

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Week 2

Keep Going If you are in the midst of a difficult season it can feel like your resources are depleted, and you just have nothing left. If at this point your faith makes even more demands on those resources suggesting that you can only sound positive all the time, it...

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Week 1

The God of the problem not just the answer Sometimes our faith is tested and we go through times of trial. We are tested and live with the ache of pain in the course of our days. It is at times like these we can make the mistake of being...

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